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Pastor Bill's Reflections

Bill Young

“As Jesus came near and saw the city (Jerusalem), He wept over it, saying, ‘If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes’” — Luke 19:41-42

Read Luke 19:41-48

Pastor Glen Bell tells of a 4 inch scar on his arm he got when he was age 4 rushing out a door and getting caught on the screen. Our scars teach us and he remembers that doorway after many years. More than we have the courage to admit, we are eager to live without pain, to cover and hide the scars we have suffered. Yet every doorway into Easter leads through the cross and the scars it left on Jesus. In Luke’s gospel: the angels who appear to the women at the empty tomb make explicit reference to the crucifixion of the One who is raised; On the road to Emmaus, Jesus reveals Himself in the breaking of the bread, as His disciples remember the sacrifice of His body; When the resurrected Lord appears to His followers, He shows them His hands and feet, demonstrating the mark of the Risen One is His suffering.

We cannot live as the Easter people we are called to be until and unless we are shaped by the cross, moving through its doorway daily, hourly, and moment-to-moment. Doors are a tool for examining our lives as individuals, as a community, and in the world. We live in a binary world: in/out, one/ zero, happy/sad, satiated/hungry, something/nothing, alive/dead. Our experiences can be summarized as a this or a that. However, one notices the value of a door as a symbol of circumstances and aspirations as well as fears. One hopes to know what is on the other side of a door, but one never knows until one dares to open it and cross the threshold.

We still look and act and think far too much and far too often in ways that reflect the world rather than the faith. We still wait for the world to come to us, rather than defining our witness by going out in Christ’s names. Our lives are not formed by the giving, serving, hoping shape of the cross. We are called to move into the world through the doorway of the cross. The resurrection of Jesus Christ frees us from the power of sin and death, from the impossible demand that we must create the door that leads to freedom.

The shape of Easter is the doorway of the cross. It leads us beyond the false idolatry of self-centeredness, resting in an idealized place of safety and security, separated from all our neighbors. Easter is an invitation for each of us to walk into the world, embracing challenges of human sin and brokenness and natural disasters and chaos. The cross, as we carry and represent it, becomes our doorway into the depth of Easter joy as we celebrate with all those around us. We seek the things that make for peace.

Hope and Peace to you all,

Pastor Bill


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  • 2016 Confirmation Class
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    April 17 11:30AM-12:30PM
    April 24 11:30AM-12:30PM


April,24 2016 - "Praying the Lord's Prayer"
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